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Through their work, OJ Slaughter has defied traditional constraints of photography and leads the charge to document the history of right now. By asking their subjects to choose what their story looks like, they focus on a person’s right to shape their own history and appearance on camera. A self-taught photographer, their work has been featured by Vogue Italia, Time Magazine, and the Boston Art Review as well as other prominent publications and projects.


Their work in racial justice earned them an Honorarium by the Harvard University Committee on the Arts, and they have become a fixture of the Boston area artistic community. Their focus on light, movement, and color in their work lends a vibrant, living quality to their photographs that is wholly unique and empowers them to capture the true nature of today’s living history.


After their tenure as the artist in residence at Harvard Art Lab and Windy Films, they have continued their focus on racial justice and social change through actively seeking out subjects and artists of color and collaborations with people of all genders. They have been privileged to lend their skills to Hiliary Hahn, Ayanna Pressley, and The Boston Globe, and as creative director for WBUR’s Sound On Series.

Portrait by Geoffrey Baptiste.

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